Goverment shutdown vs crabbing

This is what we should have seen out the window today....opening day of commercial king crab season.
Instead the boats are all sitting docked at the Harbor. About 80 of them...unable to start the frenzied season due to the shut down in Washington.

I snapped this pic from from front beach Sunday night. A staged 'headed out to sea' by the Deadliest Catch.
From left to right, you see the Wizard, Northwestern, Time Bandit, Cape Caution, and the Saga.

We've been seeing and hearing this thing flying around filming all week. We don't have many helicopters here...only the coast guard normally.

From my dining area window Sunday night A and I watched all the action.

Then we headed out to the store and snapped this shot along the way.

We also stopped by and saw the Cornelia Marie this weekend. I even got Ansley to pose for a pic.

On the homeschoolin front, our dissection specimines came in the mail today.
A fetal pig, a sheep's brain, heart, and liver, and a cow's eye.....stay tuned for pics.
Night all!