A day in our world- what does it look like on our homeschool adventure?

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of our homeschooling adventure looks like? Well, if so, then your in for a treat because today I am sharing what our Monday here in Alaska looked like.

I woke A up around 9:15. She lounged in bed while I fed Bella and took her out. When I came back in, I slipped into her bed and we snuggled under the covers while she told me her dreams. 
We were up and moving around 9:30. We headed into the kitchen where I fixed breakfast for her and then I hopped in the shower while she ate. Around 9:45 we settled onto the couch and turned on CNN Student News. This comes on HLN at midnight everyday to be recorded for the next morning. A loves starting her morning like this. 10 minutes later, A and I are both getting dressed and making our beds, and a little after 10 am, we meet in the school room, joined by Bella of course, and start our "study time" with a candle and a morning prayer.

This morning A asked to start with Scout. Scout is what we call our Grade 5 Language Arts program from WinterPromise. The whole series centers around a dog named Scout and his boy Tommy. We used their grade 3 program last year, and skipped to grade 5, focused on organized paragraph writing, this year. 
After working through a few pages of Scout, I pulled up a BrainPop video on the Gold Rush. Then we read more about the California gold rush, and California becoming a state from one of our American History Resources.
Then it was on to science. I pulled up another BrainPop, this time on Volcanoes before A worked in her Daily Science workbook.
Around 11, we headed into the kitchen for a drink and to explore square numbers.
 A used her color cubes to explore square numbers and multiplication, and made a chart of her findings.

 After finishing, she of course had to doodle. A square with a crown :)
 It was almost lunch time when she finished so while I fixed lunch, she plopped onto my bead with Bella and dug into a book she is reading. 
We ate a quick lunch, talked to Nana on the phone for a few minutes, and got ready to head to our homeschool gym class at the PCR.

By 2pm, we had left the gym and were on our way to Safeway to pick up a few things we needed for our next project...
How fun!

We drove out of town and to Summer's Bay to one of the few places on the island that has a sand beach. Most of the beaches are rocky with little if any sand.
A looked up from reading her Highlights Magazine that had come in the mail, smiled from the back seat and said "I love my life. I am so glad I don't go to school."

After a drive down a gravel road, along towering cliffs and breaking surf, we made it to our destination.
We started by digging a small whole in which to sit the base of a Sobe bottle.  A and I then worked to build up the sides of the volcano around our bottle and fill it halfway with water, food coloring, and then added some spoonfuls of baking soda.

 Then it was time to add the vinegar! 
 Eruption time! 
I love the smile on her face.

 I can not even begin to count how many times we did this, but we used up half a box of baking soda and an entire bottle of vinegar!
Totally worth it though.
 When we could erupt no more, it was time to just enjoy to quite beach. Playing and exploring in utter solitude.
 ...finding a seagull carcass, with wings still attached to the rib cage, made for some interesting discussions.
 We listened the the sound of the waves breaking on the beach and eagles flying overhead.

 A game created...
jumping from small dune to dune and rock to rock
 ...and landing in the splits!

 A sponge washed up on the beach...picked up and toted home with us...a perfect last treasure before heading back home.

 On the way back toward town, we caught a glimpse of the island's own snow capped volcano.
Once home, I started a quick pick up of the house and A grabbed some comic templates I had printed for her this weekend and commenced writing her own comic about monsters in a classroom.

I started dinner, and she played with "squinkie town" that she set up this weekend that now takes up over half of the dinning room table.
After dinner, she played Angry Birds on her ipad, played , read a few more chapters, had a snack and listened to me read before she headed to bed around 9pm.

It's days like this when I just have to smile and feel so blessed with the life I live.


cheri said…
Ooh, I love those comics templates, what a great idea! Where did you get them from?
Amanda said…
Cheri- I found those at http://www.grammarmancomic.com/templateshallo.html

and some others I printed out at