I could pinch myself

Today was one of those days that reminded me how incredibly blessed I am and how absolutely amazing the life I lead is.
This afternoon A was out exploring and finding lots of worms and slugs to play with. 

That's my girl. I love that she's her own person, happy, full of life, and not afraid to express who she is...tomboy and all.

She just had to show me the slug trails all over her hands.

 I was doing a quick cleaning but she stuck her head in and asked for me to come play. I put the leash on Bella and asked A if she wanted to go for a walk. I planned a quick one behind the house and even left the front door propped open with a rock.

We headed out to the tundra and A climbed and played.

The tundra is staring to bloom. I am so happy to see green again. It makes my heart sing!

The fiddle head ferns are emerging. When they first come out in the spring they are curled up tight and look like the head of a fiddle, hence the name. A and I were debating whether we should harvest some and try them. Apparently they a delicious picked at this stage and sauteed with some butter.

 Even the blueberry bushes are putting out blooms. 
So lovely!

As A explored, she climbed higher and higher. I followed and Bella sniffed out a trail. I looked at A and told her that I had heard tale there were some mountain lakes somewhere high up...did she want to go try to find them?

I think you can guess what her answer was.

Along the way we came upon melting snow patches with the most amazing snow caves.

We hiked and hiked, climbing steep paths higher and higher until.....

There it is....a high mountain lake!

With one water dog and a kid, what do you think happened next.
Yep, into the water they went.

Bare feet on a sand beach...nothing better than a little sand between the toes.

Even the wildlife are changing for spring. This ptarmigan was white a few weeks ago...now changing to his summer plumage. Bella flushed him and about a dozen of his buddies out of the grass.

Out of the water for a moment, we found a clear mountain stream feeding the lake....

...and more fiddlehead ferns emerging from their winter sleep.

A girl and her dog, the perfect pair. Back to the lake to swim?

It looks a little chilly to me, but the sun is out. What do you think?

Yep, it's perfect! 

The joy and freedom of childhood captured in a picture.

Dried off and headed back, this is our view.
Amazing beauty in all direction.
God's majesty!

"No mom, I'm not cold" Lets climb and play some more.

A shout of exuberance! "I'm an Alaskan!"
Yes my child you are. Only an Alaskan would brave that cold water for a swim.

Lets stop for a moment mom and take it all in!

It was an amazing afternoon. I am so incredibly blessed to have this life. 
To make a great day even better, I got to spend the evening with my amazing family and friends out on the Bering Sea.
Fishing sea bass and kelp greenling is a lot of fun....but even more fun is catching a monster of a bass.

...and a few minutes later an even bigger one!

Who does this? Sometimes I want to pinch myself. 
perfect for me.


basebell6 said…
Linked here from Tara's blog today and read your about me, how I got to Alaska, etc. New follower for sure!
Tammy said…
I love hearing about your life! What a blessing to live so near such beauty. Keep sharing!