First Bonfire of the Season

 Summer is finally here! Well at least the hills are greening up and it was warm enough to have the first bonfire of the season Saturday.
And what is an Aleutian bonfire with out fresh caught king crab? You know your jealous!
 It was warm, and absolutely beautiful. If you look closely at the top of the mountain there, you will see the local teen boys who decided to go for a climb.

 After dinner, the teens started an impromptu baseball came (tiny foam bat and all) and of course all of the adults had to join it too.
 ...and yes, I actually it the ball. Pretty awesom!
 A was nice and dirty, which meant she was having lots of fun.
 Then it was the kids turn. That's L with he bat in her hand...A's best friend, with the visiting med student playing catcher.
 Then it was A's turn...
 She was having a bit of a hard time, so L stepped in to help... but after a while A got the hang of it on her own, and actually hit a great shot.
 It was just absolutely beautiful. It is so hard to capture in pics. The air, the vastness, the is a true respite for the soul.

 The best of friends...
 ...tracking ground squirrels

 ...and trying to force the little guys out of there hole.
 The drive home feels you with wonder.

 And the midnight sunset view from my window is a testament to God's majesty.

I am blessed.


Tammy said…
You live in a very cool place! (weather notwithstanding! lol)
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nice post...
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