Wild Horse Sunday

Sunday was a pretty decent day by Unalaska standards. Overcast, but not to windy...the tide was to low to head to the beach to fish, so we decided to head out for a drive and see if we could find the wild horse, and let A and Bella run for awhile. They both needed to get some energy out.

We headed out Summer's Bay road and had been driving a few minutes when right past the turnoff for the second cove, we spotted them.

There they were...one of the two herds on the island.

 They were beautiful, and very hungry. The quickly ate all the carrots we brought for them.

The tried to follow us for awhile once we headed back to the care, but eventually gave up. 
We drove a little further and let Bella and A play in a beautiful, tumbling mountain stream.

Beautiful isn't it? You can really see the tundra starting to green up.

My loves

On another note, dh just called and is one his way home with the first salmon of the year! Yum, stay tuned for more recipes :)


Tara said…
It's so cool that you guys have wild horses there! Great pictures:)