We are feeling better here...thank goodness, since Saturday around noon, my mom should be flying in. (Fingers crossed and prayers said since the beautiful weather we have had turned icky tonight as a low pressure system moved in. Tommorrow forcast is for rain and wind, and with the airport here, the small lenght of the runway, and the fact that we have no control tower and it is visual flight rules, well flying in is always questionable.) 
As I said, we have had some absolutly beautiful days here. Since A and I were both well on our way to recovery from this nasty summer cold, we headed down the mountain for a walk and some outdoor fun.

We found the first of the wishing flowers and of course had to stop to make a wish.

 It has greened up so much in just the last few weeks. It is really good for my soul. Winters can be so long here that it always feels like spring will never come. I live for these few short months.

Shh....don't tell anybody but we found a whole nice sized patch of nagoon berries. (Just some of the rarest berries in Alaska.) They are absolutely delicious.
 I have no clue what this little flower is, but it is so pretty.
 The lupine is in bloom and we picked a vase full for Nana's room.
 Just beautiful!

 Look at the intricate work of God's creation. 

 A and I love observing nature. We sat for the longest time watching the bumblebees flit from flower to flower...
 ...even capturing the pollon dusted on his body.

See you all tomorrow.


love the photos of the flowers and your little one.