Visitor island fun

It's late, so this post will be mostly pictures. We have been doing a lot outside lately. The weather has warmed up and it's actually been in the 40's this past week. On Sunday we all headed down to the front beach and fished for Dollies. Here's Dh with one of his. We had a PA student and Med student from the clinic fishing with us, and then they came over and we pan fried the Dollies up, served them with roasted potatoes, broccoli, and some homemade blueberry cobbler. YUM!

Today at lunch Dh came home and told me the clinic had 2 ladies who had flown in from an insurance company and he was going to be taking them out and showing them around. I had to rustle up some clothes, boots, and hats for them so they could be prepared for the weather (their luggage hadn't made it in on there plane) I got them all set and then at 2, A and I met them and a few others down at the dock. 

Although it was overcast, the water was calm, and there wasn't much wind. We headed straight out to the kelp beds so these ladies could fish. You are pretty much guaranteed to catch something out there.

As soon as we pulled up, the seal ions found us. We had some excited visitors at that point. Listening to the sea lions roar is an amazing experience.

If you look on the horizon, you will see a bank of attention to that! 

The visitors caught their first fish...sea bass, and I hooked another kelp greenling

We saw some whale spouts in the distance, so we headed that way and they were thrilled to be able to snap some pics of them swimming around.

It looked like the weather was clearing. It just was absolutely breathtaking.

And then....porpoises! All around the boat, but they come up and dive so fast it was hard to snap any pics. I did manage to get this one though.

Another beautiful moment....

Here are our two guest, all bundled up and loving every minute.

Then we made our way back in and then out to the end of Captain's Bay to see the sunken ship.

I snapped this pic of a native burial plot out in the tundra.

...and my beautiful girl loved every minute.

While Dh and Kyle took care of the boat and fishing stuff (everything has to be rinsed because of the salt water), A and I took the guest back to the clinic to change and then to the airport to check in for their 7:30 flight. When we got there, they were told that the plane wouldn't even be in from Anchorage till after 9, so they had plenty of time to go grab dinner. Dh and I took them to Amelias, enjoyed dinner and milkshakes, and then had a little time to take them to see just a few more sights.
We drove out and looked for the wild horse. They were no where in sight, but they did get to explore an old WWII bunker.  And then, remember that fog bank? Well it started to move in and SIT. Uh oh.

We headed back to the airport, but I didn't have a good feeling about this.
We snapped some pics of eagles snacking along the way.

...and got to the airport to find that yep, all planes canceled. The ladies are booked on a flight at 6:30am that they are adding for tomorrow. Fingers crossed for them.
This is the view from my window this evening.... Fog right over the bay and the airport...

...and later, the same hasn't budged.
I wish them luck, especially since their luggage never made it in, was sitting in anchorage today, and they asked them to just hold it there for them. So now they are going to be on their 3rd day in the same clothes, since Dutch sells no female clothes...anywhere. LOL


Jessica from WI said…
I have been reading your blog for a while after finding it on another blog's blog roll. I really enjoy it! I just now read your "Who Am I?" page and could relate to a lot of it. I am a fellow talkative introvert, I am a bit OCD at times, and am learning to simplify, and I am learning more and more to trust where God is leading me. :) I just wanted to send a quick hello and say that I have been enjoying reading a blog from a fellow Christian stay-at-home mom. Take care! -Jessica
Amanda said…
Jessica, Thank you for stopping by! I love knowing that others are reading and enjoying my blog. Boy you do sound a lot like me. It can definiflty be hard to let go of that OCD type need for control, it is still a work in progress here. Keep commenting...I would love to get to know you :) Thanks!