I am sitting listening the wind and rain pound my house, the windows buckling, the house is shaking. It has been pouring and blowing over 50 mph all day. At least today it is just rain. Last week we had sleeting hitting the windows all night...we woke up to this....
 Definitely a bit early

 But that's alright. I have been busy preparing for the winter. I dried some more blueberries and some apples, and even canned some spiced apple rings. I still need to get some apple pie filling canned.
 The good thing is that this cold snap has made the cranberries ripen. A and I went out this weekend and picked a bunch. I only got to two of my patches so I am waiting for the weather to clear so I can get back out there.
 Needless to say, with this weather we have been spending a lot of time indoors. A has been keeping busy. The legos have been pulled out and she has been a happy child.

Night all!


the weather is just gorgeous here we are very lucky,

Gill in Canada