Duck Season

Today was the opening day of duck season. Dh and his friend headed out and he got his first duck of the season, despite the rain and 50+ gusts of wind.
 A was absolutely fascinated.
 Then came the icky part...luckily dh handled that.
 And A of course was fascinated with the organs. So we need to examine this heart close and it is now in the fridge until tomorrow.
 I don't know where she gets this? A fascination with all things organs....Look at that face. In her hands she holds the heart and some intestines, and she's smiling!
 Now the great hunting dog...she's scared of the little duck. It completely freaked her out, so I guess Bella won't be hunting anytime soon. She jumped away from it and wouldn't come near it again.

Guess we will be having duck soon. 

Night all.