Spotty internet and snow?!

Sorry I have been missing from blogland. The internet has been acting up here. It keeps going out and stays out for hours or days. They say it is because of the position of the sun behind the satellite and that it should be over on the 17th. We shall see. 

I have a ton to update y'all on, but I guess tonight I will start with the big news here. 

The first snow fall of the season. This is what we woke up to this morning and it stayed around for the greater part of the day! 

 A was so excited that she had to throw on a fleece and run outside as soon as she woke up.
 I can't help but get excited at the first snowfall of the season no matter how early it is. I guess it is the southern girl in me who grew up never seeing snow and getting excited at a few flurries LOL.

 Beautiful isn't it?
Hopefully I can post more of what we have been up to tomorrow. For now, goodnight all!


however it gets old very fast looking at snow as the winter progresses!!!!

Gill in Canada
tlcukjourney said…
It is absolutely gorgeous, but now I am freezing looking at your photos!!! :)... your daughter is lovely!
Anonymous said…
That's so cool that you got snow early. I remember last year it snowed here in Pennsylvania before Halloween. That's the earliest we ever got snow.