Our new addition....and my new art blog :)

Hello all! Well we have been busy welcoming the newest addition to our family. Say hello to Bella. A beautiful 8 month old black lab rescue. She is wonderful. She has been being fostered on the mainland and her foster mom has done an amazing job with her. She is crate trained, house broken, sits, lays, and comes when called. It is amazing. She is loving and calm, well for a black lab puppy LOL. But seriously, she lays quietly, listens, and while she has her playful moments, she knows when to settle down and does. She even does great off her lease. We took her out to the tundra yesterday and let her run. She came back to each of us, every single time we called.

A is loving her and is being so responsible. She knows what time to feed her and does every aspect of it by herself. She helps walk her.... I was told to hold the middle of the leash so that I could "assist" her LOL. She belongs to A, and I was reminded of this the other day when I was fussed at because "Your acting like her owner and your not! I am her owner. I can take care of her and when I need help you can assist me" Guess I was put in my place LOL. But in all seriousness, I think I needed that reminder and I have been letting her take the lead and it is doing wonders for her. I think this is going to be a great thing.

On another note, I have been busy with my art classes and painting for charity auctions here, but also starting an art blog. I hope that I can use it as a resource for homeschool art ideas, and ideas the kids on my art class can do at home on their own. It is just getting started, but go check it out please. Art on The Edge