Happy Thanksgiving

Alright, I know this a little late, but I have been seriously busy working on my homemade Christmas presents. I was in denial about how much time was left till Christmas LOL. But I finally uploaded these.

Here's a few snapshots of our wonderful day.

A has taken over the job that I had as a little girl.... crumbling the cornbread for our traditional cornbread dressing.
We had some friends over for the day. It was wonderful. We are all so far from family up here, that without friends to share it with, the holidays can be somewhat lonely.

It also snowed finally! Our first staying snowfall made for the perfect white Thanksgiving!
Happy late Thanksgiving to all!


I do cornbread dressing, too! It's the only way for a Southern gal to make it, right? My grandmother's recipe for me and my northern boy, sooo good! Glad you were able to make it happen :)
Amanda said…
So right Maggie! My northern boy isn't the biggest fan of cornbread dressing, but I have told him that is what I make and he can buy himself some stovetop. LOL. Everyone else loved it. YUMM
Tara said…
I love cornbread stuffing. We made some this year and it was awesome! I like it way better than the traditional kind... and I'm not even a southern girl lol!