The first real snow of the season

Thanksgiving week we had the first few snow of the season....and it stuck around for several days as well.By the end of it we got about 5 inches, but with the blowing wing we have here, some places would have barely a dusting on the ground, but in just a few steps you would be in a drift up past your knees. We did get busy and built our first snowman of the year.

Snowman love!

Then A found a warm den under one of the rare Unalaskan trees. She slid right on in after this pic was taken. Not quite big enough for mama though LOL.
We played outside until the sun went down.

The next day was clear and beautiful...and slippery! A layer of ice had formed over the snow, and we were sliding everywhere. I feel 3 times and got a nice bruise on my thigh. But A so wanted to go to the beach, so we headed out to little South America.

The snow is all gone now except up in the mountains, and right now I am sitting and listening to the wind and rain howl around the house. I so hope we have a lot of snow this winter. Last winter we got very little. Fingers crossed!


Looks beautiful! It's so interesting to see pictures of your island. We are hoping for the same this winter, lots of snow to play outside!