The Hedge Eating Monster

A had been doing a lot of writing lately. Her hand writing has improved immensely which was one of the things that frustrated her before while writing. So now we have started more creative writing. I asked her to write a story for Halloween. I was sort of expecting witches, pumpkins, etc...

What she gave me is this. Her words, spelling, everything..... here you go. Enjoy.

The Hedge Eating Monster

Once upon a time there was a little princess and over the mountain there was a hedge eating monster naping in the sun. The tweat of a bird woke the monster from his deep sleep. He went to explor the other side but he saw the girl. He screamd and the girl screamd loudder and loudder. Then he rembird he was a monster and he said gerrrrrr! And bit her. It hurt but she screamd. He looked at her he rekinsde it was a little girl. He stoped eating her chin becus he did not like the taste of her. He liked the taste of hedges and boys. He hugd and said Im sorry and she ran back home.

the end


Just snorted some soda out my nose reading this at work. Too funny! Please tell me she drew a picture to go along with it!