Sept. Goals

August has almost come to a close. Today is my birthday, and in a few days we will have lived here for a year. Wow, how fast it has gone. It has definitely been an adventure and I pray we will have the opportunity to be here several more years.

With August pulling to a close and a year rounding the corner I have been thinking about the goals I want to accomplish in September. I am not talking homeschool goals necessarily. Really with Ansley I don't have "goals" per say, but just want to help her keep exploring and learning, and being happy.

This month, my goals are to help us become more mindful and relaxed in our day. Ansley seems to suffer from some anxiety, (which she gets honestly) and I would like to incorporate some routines for both of us that are calming and quieting. I want to work on the rhythm of our home, and continue to work on mindful and gentle parenting.

Another goal is to get the homeschool art club off the ground and started by the end of this month. Right now it looks like we have at least 10 kids who will be a part of the group, and I need to get a list of supplies together for the parent. I don't have that much room around my kitchen table, so I am thankful that we have been offered the use of the church. That will make the week go so much smoother for me, as I will not feel the insane need to spotlessly clean my house before every art club day! LOL. So this is a priority on my list for this month.

I want to start baking bread again this month. None of my attempts thus far have been up to snuff, so I had taken a break, but now I am ready to try again. So if anyone has some fail proof recipes, please send them to me. :)

I guess my final goal is to be more tolerant of the constant movement that seems to radiate from my child. At times it can be frustrating for me, but I realize that one of the benefits of homeschooling is that she can move, and that she works best when she is moving (unfortunately for me). One day maybe we will learn to channel that, but for now I will try to be at peace with it LOL.

So that's it. My September goals. We will see LOL.


Karin said…
Happy (late) birthday!!

I use the Betty Crocker cookbook for my bread recipes. I also bake our family's bread (in the winter - too hot in the summer). I don't use a bread machine and BC recipes are pretty easy to follow and do by hand. I make the rolls, bread and pizza dough from scratch. I plan on starting up again at the end of the month when it cools down.