Back to School- Goals for 2011-2012

The in laws are gone...the beautiful weather streak we have been having is gone, and the rain and fog appear to be settling back it. So this week, well, this week we will be starting back to school. We did a test run the last few weeks before but had beautiful weather and spent more time outdoors and lots of skipped days. So tomorrow is our official first day of the 2011-2012 school year.

My goals for this year are pretty basic. To continue fostering a love of learning for learning sake. To be relaxed and take each day as it comes. To engage in more projects, more open ended exploration, and free play.

Specific goals include helping Ansley become more confident and independent in her writing since that is a specific area she wants to focus on, setting up more opportunities for her to interact with peers- both age and intellectual/emotional levels (This is a stretch for me specifically due to the small island setting we live in as well as the social anxiety that I have struggled with my entire life. Luckily I have found that setting very specific step goals a week and medication help immensely in my overcoming this part of my personality.), and to be more mindful in my parenting, to be more present, more engaging, and less quick to temper.

So for this week, we are studying the ice age, nomads, etc. in history. Ansley is reading "The Magic Tree House- Sunset of the Sabertooth". We will be (weather permitting LOL) heading outside to make our own cave paints from natural materials and making cave paintings on rocks out in the tundra! She is super excited about this one :)

In math- although Ansley comprehends and is doing 3rd grade and 4th grade math concepts we will be working on shoring up math facts to 20 so that I know she has a strong backbone for what she wants to work with.

Science- layers of the earth- lots of cool projects...need I say more?! LOL, if you know my child you know she is bouncing off the walls at the thought of this one.

Writing/Grammar- Ansley asked tonight if she can write letters to MeMom and PopPop, and to Grammy, to tell them how much she enjoyed seeing them, so that's what we will be doing.

Ansley and I also have BIG plans for something outside....big plans!!!! Fingers crossed the weather lets us. Not sharing this one yet LMAO. But it will be awsome!