Kicking around an idea

I've been kicking around the idea of starting an art club/class out of my home for kids. This hit me the other day when I was painting with A. What fun she and I would both have sharing the creative experiences we love with others. I am not sure how this would work...thinking free, just bring your own materials, and meeting once or twice a month at first.

I have tons of ideas, live in a small town were there is not much to involve A in, and am becoming known on the island as a painter, so I have some credibility. I am thinking starting with a small group of people of know.

I mentioned this to dh tonight, because while I am the creative, jump into an idea and run with it person, he is the logical, see all sides, person when it comes to my ideas. Its a good balance ;)
He liked it. Raised a few questions, and I asked him to think about it and give his opinion on issues I may face and the best way to get it started.

So, tonight I go to sleep pondering.


Joyful Learner said…
That sounds wonderful! I'm teaching science to our neighborhood friends and hoping to branch out to math and art too. Art is perfect because people of all ages and levels can participate! Best of luck to your endeavors.
Amanda said…
Thanks! I have to post more about this soon, but it looks like it is a go! Lots of excited people here about it which is so wonderful!