Self Portrait

Today DH was late getting home from work, so A and I spent the time working on self portraits.

I gave a basic lesson on what a portrait is, and asked her what she though a self portrait was. I then told her we were going to make our own.

I had cut an oval out of heavyweight paper, and asked her to trace it for the face, then to draw a neck and shoulders. I demonstrated making my own portrait.

We then painted the face and neck, the clothing, and then the background. After they had dried she painted the eyes, nose, and mouth, and then her hair. She spent a great deal of time on this, and I love how it turned out. Behind her is a flag on a flag pole and the sun.

Her first self portrait- This is definitely going in the scrap book (you know that non existent one that I keep telling myself one day I will do, but in the meantime have an ever growing box of things sitting in the closet waiting to go in it. LOL, Yeah, that one)

And no, I am not posting mine since DH made fun of it, and said A's was almost as good as mine. Hey, I never claimed to be able to paint people....hence why they are always notably absent from my paintings LOL. I am much better at florals and landscapes :)