Conference and Slugs.... not together thankfully LOL. That would have been a disaster.

Today was the annual Unalaska Women's Conference, and I have been working on the planning committee the last few months and donated 2 paintings for the silent auction to help raise money to bring the mobile mammogram to our little island. This morning I had to rise and shine very early for me, and if you recall, I am NOT a morning person. But, I was at the Grand at 7am setting up, manning the registration table, and I was also a speaker. My topic was Finding Time and wrapped up the conference. It was nerve racking but I think it went fairly well considering the last time I did any public speaking was back in grad school nearly 6 years ago!

A spent the day with dad and had tons of fun. They even went salmon fishing and came home with 4 salmon which they cleaned and smoked this afternoon. It has been wet, windy, and generally icky the last few days here (definitely summer saying goodbye it seems, although I am hopeful for another rebound of good weather before the fall and winter squalls settle in). Well, on our porch there set a slug, and this poor unfortunate creature was destined to become fodder for A's imagination. She immediately picked him up and went to work building a "habitat" for him. The poor slug was petted, bathed (yes she actually gave him a bath...several times, because he "keeps getting all muddy mom"), and made to lay on a bed of moss, leaf pillow, and covered with a dandelion leaf blanket. I have a feeling he will be moving away from our yard as fast as his little slug body will carry him tonight. I think 2 hours of playtime with A was probably quite enough in his little slug life. LOL.
Poor slug. As A said "I found a wild slug and I tamed him, and now he is my pet slug." Yeah, I think he would have to disagree with that LOL.