Short Stories by A

A has been really really into writing her own stories lately. Well she has started to have me write them because and I quote her "I can't write fast enough. Here mom, I will tell the story and you write it for me."

I am loving these...pretty good for a just turned 3 year old. LOL

Here are a few from this week. The titles are her creations as well LOL...

The Fish and The Bear Went to The Woods

One day the fish and the bear went fishing and there was a big puddle. There was a lake and some woods and the woods were pretty. Then there was a big tree and it was full of berries. And those berries were going to fall! And it landed on their heads. And they said Ouch! So they went home with their heads with bumps.

The End

A Fish Went Fishing

A fish and a mouse went to the river. And there were frogs in the river. Then the mouse and the fish went down the river bank. Then there was an old oak tree and berries were in it, and some were falling down on them. They said OUCH when they fell on their heads. And then the fish went fishing anyway.

The End

A Mouse went Fishing

A mouse went fishing in the lake when there were fish in the lake. The mouse got to work and then went to dinner. And he cooked fish soup everyday. Then he was full.

The End

Anyway, as you can tell she obsessed with fishing right now since daddy just bought her her very own barbie fishing pole LOL. She has been cracking me up with these and just thought I would share. Plus she makes me write "By: A" on them LOL and says "I am a great writer" It is just to cute!


Joyful Learner said…
They are fabulous! Can JC illustrate them? :)
Those are very cute! Anna loves making stories too. They always start with "once upon a time" and have very abrupt endings when she runs out of steam :)
Sherri said…
Those are the cutest stories ever! It is so great you will have them for her when she gets older.