Math Option....thoughts

I am looking into math curriculums....I want hands on, A is visual and kinesthetic learner for math. I am looking for something for next year, so several months from now.

Right now I am considering

Math U See and RightStart Math

Anyone have any thoughts on these?


Joyful Learner said…
I was intrigued at first by RightStart Math but after looking at their manual (so much info!), I got turned off. I checked out Math U See website after reading the review from One Little Room and so far, the video presentation on their site has been informative. I'm just beginning to check out curriculum guides. The homeschoolers group I joined recently is having curriculum exchange where people are giving away old curriculums they don't need so I might have a better understanding then. A friend let me borrow a whole bunch of curriculum guides in all subjects but it's been overwhelming amount of info. I need to sort/read through. Please keep us posted on what you decide!
Dawn Chandler said…
Hi there! I originally thought Math U See would meet our needs but it just seemed to confuse my kids. They loved the videos but didn't like the way they had to do the problems. Now we are doing Math on the Level. It is a homeschool curriculum for kids ages K-pre-algebra. There are samples on the website and a Yahoo group that is very active. It is very hands-on and experiential. Good luck in your quest!
Amanda said…
Thanks for the replies. I havetime to look so will be looking around somemore and right now will just keep doing what we are doing.

Dawn, I will have to go check that out. I have never heard of that one.
We don't do math curriculum, but I looked at many of them and read reviews. If I were to choose between these two, I'd go for Math-U-See. It looked to me that RightStart makes a big fuss about being right and "only way" to learn math, which it most certainly not. If I were to choose for us though, I'd go with Singapore Math - I like how they go from concrete to abstract rather quickly and don't have too many meaningless drills. Anna's future school, however, uses Saxon Math which is a fine curriculum as well.