Our Week in Review

Another fun yet busy week here. Of course we headed to our library on Tuesdays as always, but this week took pics for the library blog hop. Lots of fun. We miss going on Wed. to for storytime and I think we both can't wait till it starts back in June. Anyway, here's a hodgepodge of what we've been up to this week.

A pulled this puzzle game out that she has not done for a while....and amazingly did the hardest card in the set in about a minute. I was amazed.

She pulled out the scooping beans. This seems to be a really soothing activity for her. Seems to center and calm her, which is great.

We have been talking a great deal about plants so we did an experiment and watched a plant "drink" A predicted what would happen correctly. And then drew her observations in her journal.

The results....the red traveled up the stems and could be seen in the leaves.

We explored the reminants of the old canal....

Had fun with some montessori pink material...
Introduced counting by 2's
The teen board with bead materials....place value work.

Then A pulled out the water cycle chart and said "can we discuss this?" So we pulled out "The Magic School Bus at The Water Works "

On Sat, A wanted to make sentences so she pulled out her tub of words and letters to spell the words she did not have. She worked for almost an hour making sentences and sounding out spelling for words she needed to make, an apparently enjoyed every second of it.

Her sentences.... Got to love them! LOL
I love mom and dad and I can stand on one leg.
A likes to play with Ana.

Then we found these awsome prints on a dumpster from a baby bear outside of our friends tennis place. A thought it was amazing!

And A got some tennis time.

So that was our week in a nutshell! Thanks for reading :)


Pathfinder Mom said…
I love her sentences. One of those things that you'll be glad to have preserved down the road.
Great week. Ainsley is an amazingly gifted child. It cracked me up that she has the same striped dress as my Anna :)