Homemade montessori bead materials

I have been working on some homemade montessori bead material. I haven't completed it all, but here is what I have so far.

We live in a pretty rural area and I was unable to find gold beads, but found a ton of read ones, so our gold bead materials are red LOL.

Hundred squares, ten rods, and ones
Using this for place value work.

100 chain

Bead stairs for addition

2's chain

And I have been working on the 1000 cube
Taking a long time....but I am almost done. Here is some pics of the work in progress.

And here are some pics of A working with the bead materials on place value. I introduced double digit place value last week and she mastered that the first day, so today I introduced triple digit numbers and place value. She can count by 100's to 1000, and recognizes the 100-900 so we introduced how to read hundreds that are not just on the 100 mark. She seemed to grasp it pretty well .


Joyful Learner said…
It must be so much fun teaching her as she gets things so quickly! I wanted to make the Montessori beads but discovered it was too labor intensive and the beads weren't cheap. I'm waiting for my shipping of plastic manipulatives to arrive. Good for you for making them...and so quickly too!
Unknown said…
Your materials look fantastic!
MommyWise said…
Hello! How wonderful it is to "meet" another PG 3 year old. Mine is named Aidan although her sister is named Ainsley!
Amanda said…
Hi. Nice to meet you to! It is so nice to find other moms of PG kids, especially young ones. They can be a handful, but it is definitly an adventure. I look forward to getting to know you.
Liz said…
I know this post was from a while ago but I saw Montessori on your sidebar and had to take a look. I LOVE Montessori. My sister is a certified Montessori teacher, I was a Montessori aid for years, and went to a Montessori preschool. It is the best! I love your beads, they look fantastic!