Working out

Alright, so we finally got a wii fit.....We LOVE it!!!!! I started the 30 day EA Sports challenge and it is totally kicking me booty. For the last 3 days it hurt to walk, and bending down sent me into loud dying moans. My child thought I had absolutely lost my mind. So I took a day of yesterday cause i just seriously hurt to bad to work out. (I had to totally ignore the "fight through the pain" my husband had been chanting to me all week LOL) But tonight I am back at it. About to get started. I normally wait till A goes to sleep...but that i not happening tonight. She woke up earlier then 7:30 (She is not a morning person and likes to sleep till about 9 every morning, so unfortunately on our way to Wegmans tonight she feel asleep in the car for 15 my child is a super power napper....this little nap means she will be up till at least 11 I will not even try to put her down yet. And yes, she does not nap anymore...when I finally gave in and stopped forcing her to nap, she actually started going to bed at 8:30-9pm. Before she would take a nap and be up till midnight every night. It was awful, and it did not matter if she had gotten up at 6 am or 10am.....gaah. So I might get on later and let y'all know how the workout went....wish me luck