About me

So, I never have written really who I am on this blog....so for all you curious people out there lol....here it goes.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter. I have my Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy but I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my Kooky Nut. I had always planned to go back to work when A got to be school age. What I never expected was to have a child who was years ahead of where she normally be at her age. Even with my degree, I never really paid attention to the fact that she was ahead, we really weren't around many children her age, so until we went to her 2 year old appointment, i had no clue that she was on a 4 year old level. Anyway, so plans change and most likely we will be a homeschooling family when DD reaches compulsatory age....for now we homeschool, play, and have fun while feeding her never ending thirst for knowledge.

As for more about me.....
I am a co sleeping, extended breast feeding, child led learning, thankful for the right to chose my child's schooling, mom. I have a wish that all children can get the education they need and deserve in the public school system if they wish, but at the moment this is impossible. I love life love my family, and feel blessed that my life as finally settled down. I enjoying reading, love to paint (although I haven't had much time since having a child), and I love cooking a trying out new recipes. At the moment we are working on getting healthier as family, eating better, and starting to lead a more natural life.

so....that's about it for me. There I am in a nut shell LOL. Hope you all enjoyed.