healthy living and homeschooling

Happy late valentine's day everyone. We had a nice weekend just being a family and my DH cooked a wonderful breakfast and dinner for us. I am truly blessed.

I also got busy this weekend on my quest to feed my family healthier food. Took the hour trip into the 'big city' LOL to be able to shop at a store with more organic choices. Stocked up for 2 weeks. Came home and made homemade, all natural, organic animal crackers. They are delicious! So much better then store bought. We can't stop munching them. I found little noah's ark cookie cutters at Micheals that were perfect for this. Definitly proud of myself for maing this step foward....tonight I even traded our white rice for brown. Baby steps. I got the animal cracker recipie from here
I LOVE her site.

On the homeschooling front...We are starting to work on recognizing color words. So I made a couple of games. A matching game, matching the word to the color, and this ....

I had A use the clothes pins with the words written in color first, and then helped her with the ones written in plain black. Here's a pic of her after finishing.