I can't keep up

Really, I can't. DD blows through material so fast. I make materials for her to use, I spend quite a bit of time on it, and after using it once she has mastered a skill. It is the same way with toys, games, everything. Once she has mastered it, he has no desire to do it again. She says it is boring. So I am spending this weekend once again clearing out materials that she is done with and making new ones. Unfortunately I do this about once a month. DH laughs at me and says "I bet you spent hours on that and she already has it down." Seriously it usually takes one introduction to new material and the she has it mastered, not just memorized but can apply her knowledge to. So I need advice, ideas, any ways to stay ahead of her. HELP! LOL


MommyWise said…
I'm reading through your whole blog... LOL... I never really made activities with Aidan for the same reason. I do think I will with Ainsley but she's a "hands on" learner.