Me Time musings

I read something today on another blog about the quest for "Me Time" that got me thinking. Go here to read this article first on Raising Arrows blog. I agree with so much of this, yet have never been able to put it into words before. I grew up believing in me time...believing i deserved it, earned it, needed it to be whole....but you know, every time I craved it, sought it, etc....well I turned into a person I did not like. Pushing my child away. Being upset that she was "bothering" me, when she just wanted my attention...and that in an of itself is selfish. It was selfish of me, and even after getting that "Me Time" I did not feel better, I felt worse for the way I had acted and the time I had missed out on enjoying with A...not the time while I was alone, but the time spent wishing for, and preparing for that me time....that's when I missed out on life's moments with my child.. I often, even without thinking, choose to take my child with me when I go some place. I have found that when I am not in the quest for the ever elusive "Me Time", I not only enjoy my child more, but also my life more. I find I am more content, happier, and satisfied in my life by enjoying the now, busy life, child and all. This is not saying that occasionally I do not enjoy my time away, but or me it is the quest of "me" time that I have found to be, for lack of a better word....selfish.

Anyway, just some musings and my thoughts at the moment. Definitely take time to read the article and let me now how you feel. There is no right or wrong, this is just how I feel I handle the quest.