Winter Soltice

Do you celebrate the winter soltice? We do because, well heck, I like to celebrate every little thing. Somehow it just makes life more special to have those moments!

I love living where we have snow in winter. Growing up Southern, I never really felt in touch with the seasons. Here the rhythm of the seasons is unmistakable.

We started out our soltice celebration making bird seed treats for our feathered friends who didn't migrate South for the winter.
These are super simple to make and turn out beautiful. You can use any cookie cutters you have as a mold.

You will need:
Wax paper
4 cups birdseed
3/4 cup flour
1/2 cup water
3 Tbsp. corn syrup
1 envelope unflavored gelatin 
Non-stick cooking spray
Cookie cutters
Ribbon, twine, or yarn

Stir together water, flour, gelatin, and corn syrup in a large bowl. Fold in birdseed 1 cup at a time till combined.

Spray your cookie cutters with cooking spray and place on wax paper. 

Fill the molds with the birdseed mixture and pat smooth. Use a straw to poke a hole all the way through in the place you want the string to go.

Let sit for 3 hours and the gently remove the straws and press bird feeders out of molds. Place back on wax paper and let dry over night.

String and hang outside for your feathered friends to enjoy. 

We hung ours in several place both in the front and back yard.

After hanging the tasty treats, I headed in to warm up while A stayed out to play in the snow and work on her snow fort.

I warmed myself by the blazing fire until she headed back in.

After warming up with some hot tea, A and I set to work making paper snowflakes. I had forgotten how much fun these are to make!

We hung them with string in our front winter to look at all season long!

We ended our celebration with some yummy sun and star cookies!
How did you enjoy the day?