A day at the creek

I'm looking back to the end of October on the blog tonight.
Cut Bank creek cuts through the western edge of our town. Dh and A spent a great deal of time there this fall, fishing and exploring. One weekend in late October, little W and I tagged along.

It's quite a hike down into the gorge. Going down wasn't too bad, but climbing back up with W strapped to me was ROUGH! It was worth it though to see the beauty of this land.

Little W loved being able to run and play, exploring the fall prairie grasses, splashing about at the edge of the creek, and throwing rocks into the water.

A showed me all the spots she likes to explore. We found deer and mountain lion tracks by the water, and A pulled out numerous crawfish to show me. She also collected the bleached shells of deceased ones to bring home in her pack.

Dh spent his time fly fishing of course! What else would he do? If there's a river, stream, or creek, he will fish it!

It was a spectacular day. The golden light on the prairie cast magnificent shadows and poured peace over my soul.
Life is good.


Tammy said…
Beautiful pictures of a lovely place. Thanks for sharing these.