Astronomy- technology and homeschooling

More Science! Our favorite subject in this house! We have been dabbling in Astronomy and A studied the life cycle of a star and then created this poster. It's now hanging in the school room above her desk.

Last Wednesday A attended an online astronomy webinar put on by Aurora Lipper from Supercharged Science. She's an actual rocket scientist who has worked for NASA and taught at Cal Poly State. Who better to learn astronomy from?

A loved it and was engaged the entire 2 hours!

Needless to say, she enjoyed it so much that we purchased the curriculum and will be starting an in depth study of astronomy after the holidays! We can't wait!

I love how homeschooling is enhanced through the power of technology and the internet. While I miss Unalaska with all my heart, I have to remind myself that this is one reason we moved. The spotty and slow internet made these type of experiences impossible. For a gifted child, technolgy allows her to access great minds throughout the world and connect with students far and wide. In fact there were over 1,500 students watching and interacting during this live webinar....that is INCREDIBLE!

Thanks for checking in and taking a peek at what we've been up too,


Joyful Learner said…
Is this the link for the class you took?
Joyful Learner said…
Or was it this one?
Amanda said…
JL- It's this one
She does webinars on different topics every month or so and they are free. Then we purchased the astronomy curriculum, all three, and it comes with the dvd's, curriculum, and internet resources.