The cardiac cycle and heart dissection

A and I studied the circulatory system in greater depth this week and focused on the heart. 
After reading and watching a few videos, she demonstrated what she understood by using yarn to show blood flow through the heart and wrote explanations at each step.

I drew the heart and cut it out. She glued it on cardstock and did the rest.

The next day, after coming home from our Bunker Hill hike, which you can read about HERE, we decided it was time to get a real hands on look at what we had learned.
Yep, that's right. It was time to dissect a sheep heart!
 A was able to explore the arteries, chambers and ventricles in a wonderful hands on process.

She can't wait to dissect our other specimens we have...stay tuned to see brain, liver, eye, and even a fetal pic dissection later in the year!