Outside adventures

We've been busy here learning like always of course, but we've also been spending a lot of time outdoors. 
The weather has been super mild here for Novemeber. Temperatures have been hovering in the mid to high 50's. Amazing really. It has felt more like Spring than mid November.
A went crabbing with Dad and a friend, and they picked up these guys. Yep tht is a truck full of gigantic king crab!
They cooked them up and brought our share home, which Bella was eager to sample!
 The next day Dad and the same friend took A out with them duck hunting. 
She had a blast!
On their hunt, they got to see the most gigantic jelly fish ever! Seriously, look at the size of that thing!!!!
Now back to the ducks... 
Of course A had to play with them and make them talk to each other.... I ahve such a unique child. LOL

 She even got to help clean them :)
 Then they brough a wing home to try to teach the lab to retrieve....it's not going well. No suprise there.
 She also got a chance to see the wild horses on a drive out to one of the coves.

Wednesday was a beautiful day as well, and after swim lessons, A and I headed to Little South America to go beach combing. We had a lot of fun and found some great treasures.

 Now this is the size of the jellyfish we are used to seeing! Big difference!
 The beach greens had turned a beautiful shade of gold and it was perfect for snapping a few pics in front of

 The huge rocks on this beach are always fun to climb on, slide down, and find little dens to play in.

 I played around with the timer on my camera and snapped this pic. I just love it!
 A found a mollask shell and we cracked it open and looked inside.
 More climbing on rocks and Mom taking pics of course ;)
 Just look at this day! I am so blessed.

 More pics of A and I, hanging out and loving life.

 A got to try her hand at my camera....not bad.
 We even found a Japanese (I believe) coke can washed up on the beach.
 And best of all we got the chance to bring home lots of treasures.
Today was just as beautiful, and we took a hike up Bunker Hill. Stay tuned for pics of that awesome afternoon!