Halloween fun

Happy Halloween! I didn't write much the past week, but we had fun Thursday dressing up, playing games, and trick-or-treating of course!
A decided this year to be a fur trapper.
If you remember, that's one of the many things she wants to be when she grows up (along with a doctor, a vet, and a marine biologist of course. LOL)

 Early in the day we headed to dad's office in costume to see everyone, then to the local school to buy some books at the book fair. All day A was anxious for evening...for that's when the real fun began. 
We headed to the PCR for the annual Halloween Carnival. The whole town was there. Fun, Games, Prizes, Cookies, and Candy...what could be more fun?
 ...acting goofy with friends...
 ...and hanging out ready for the costume judging...
 ...won again for her age group....2nd year in a row! LOL
She was so excited!
Then it was off to trick-or-treat. No snow on the ground this year, but still lots of goodies to share with mom :)

Now on to November and the countdown to Christmas. These next 2 months are my favorites of the entire year. A time to celebrate family...a time to be thankful and reflective...a time to cook and back and huddle hibernate in a warm comfortable house.


RockerMom said…
Congrats to A on her win! It looks like you guys had a blast!