Rejoice with Berries

As I sit here listening to the wind whipping around the house, the windows bellowing, and the rain hitting the windowpanes, I smile. This is my favorite time of the year. Fall is coming, berries are ripening, and I get in a nesting mood. I am feel the urge to prepare for the long quiet days of winter.

It hasn't been rainy all day though. In fact, we had a beautiful holiday weekend after DH's busy work week and were even blessed by the longest lasting rainbow I have ever witnessed. I call the months of September and October rainbow season. Some weeks we are lucky enough to see several in a day....but this rainbow was special. It graced the view from my window for over 2 hours. 

 We also spent much of the last few days berry picking. The salmonberries are late this year and are just recently ripening. The blueberries look to have a long season this year. Because of the different snow depths this winter, some are ripe and ready for picking now, while others still need several weeks. This is wonderful because it just allows me more chances to fill the freezer, can, and dehydrate my favorite fruit. While out picking we even checked in on our secret cranberry spots, and this looks to be an amazing year for them. They are much larger already then when ripe last year. They still need another month or so, but I am excited.

A loves this time of year as well, and in honor of it, she wrote this poem.
 And tonight I will leave you with a glimpse into what you can reap with just 3 hours out in the tundra. Enjoy!


MommyWise said…
I so need to introduce the girls to poems and have them writing poems on their own. I've just never been "into" poetry and haven't yet pushed myself to add it to our learning.