End of Summer.

 No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is snow on the tops of those not so distant mountains. Termination dust....early this year...a sure sign that summer is over...fall is here...and winter isn't far behind.

It's time to get busy.

Busy picking....
 Busy canning...
the count so far-
6 pints blueberry jam
3 quarts blueberry pie filling
7 pints blueberry plum butter
2 quarts unsweetened dried blueberries
2 pints sweetened dried blueberries
in the plans-
3 more quarts pie filling
6 pints blueberry marmalade
and more dried blueberries
 and busy baking...
over ripe bananas were on sale for 50cents a pound at safeway...unheard of here. So of course I bought a ton, and have now baked 8 loaves of bread, most of which have made there way to the freezer for quick and yummy snacks and breakfasts.
For now it is off to bed where I am sure I will be dreaming blueberry dreams. 


I love banana pineapple bread and should make some, as I have a pile of over ripe bananas in the freezer.

You are a very busy bee,

Gill in Canada
Lottie Lee said…
I just came across your post via PH. It looks absolutely gorgeous where you live! I love your blog- keep up the great work!