A's first book- installment 1

A finished an Ivy and Bean book today. They are a series of chapter books by Annie Barrows. After she finished, she announced she was going to write her own Ivy and Bean book and got to work.

She is nowhere near done she tells me, but she spent quite a while at work tonight and plans on getting right back to it in the morning. So I thought I would share with you this first installment of A's book entitles "Ivy & Bean: Is it Mud or Poop"

In case you have a hard time reading it from pics, this is what she wrote....

Bean was looking out the window. She saw Ivy. She had a big frown. Bean went outside, she asked what is wrong? Ivy said I got a new dog named Wilbet and I went to school and when I came back home there was poop or mud on the floor. Mommy said that she took him out. I think that it is mud but I am not sure? Well lets go up and see said Bean, so they went up to Ivys room. Ivy said lets get magnifying glasses, that are right over there. And if you want gogles Bean, you can. They are over there by the magnifying glasses. Bean said thank you and Bean went to go find some goggles that fit and she got a magnifying glass and she blew it off. It was very dusty. Bean blew it harder and harder until the dust flew off. She looked through it just to make sure. But it was still foggy.

Stay tuned for the next installment :)


Anonymous said…
That is so cool. Send me an autographed copy! Lisa
MommyWise said…
HaHa.... great story!
Tammy said…
Totally Awesome!

Cannot wait for the next chapter.
She has a great imagination!

Tammy (shetangles from PH)