Monday morning breakfast

I shared with you all the other day A's foray into birthday cake. Well Monday morning she branched out even more and made breakfast for us under dad's watchful eye.

She did an amazing job heating up sausage and ham patties in the skillet.

 The she scrambled some eggs, all on her own.

 She was SO proud!
I love watching her grow and learn new skills! 


Unknown said…
She did a great job on breakfast! Looks delicious and made me quite hungry now :-)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and visiting. I'm enjoying reading thru your blog and links. Love being able to connect with bloggy friends.

Anonymous said…
That's awesome. My daughter has been cooking her eggs for years. It's definitely a rite of passage when it comes to cooking. She looks like she'll be making a 5 star dinner in no time!!
Amanda said…
Thank you both. She had so much fun. I love that she loves to cook :)