Night at Nateekin

So you may be wondering where I've been in blogger's been awhile...but well, its summer here in the Aleutians and it is my favorite time of year. We've been out and about fishing, picking salmonberries, and I've been canning like crazy. But tonight....well tonight was gorgeous and we had the amazing opportunity to head out with a friend and his family to Nateekin (A bay here in Unalaska). 

The boat ride was great, and we had a chance to see some wildlife up close and personal.

Like this puffin.....

And a whole bunch of whales.... humpback I believe.

And a sea lion...I snapped this pic just as he dove under to grab a salmon!

We had a lot of fun playing on the beach and exploring while DH and his friend dished for salmon in the river.

I love this beautiful girl...and her goofy faces. Makes me smile every time!

I love this pic. So very cool!

DH and A, having a blast as usual.

Beautiful isn't it?

The boat we came over on.

Pink salmon hanging out with DH.

You can tell what a great time A was having. Look at that smile.

On the way back we ran into this colony of sea lions frolicking about. We watched them for quite a while. It was such fun.

I love living here, and I am sure you can tell why! Just my absolute favorite time of year. Busy, exhausting, but fun.

Drop me a comment and let me know what your up to this summer.

Night all!