Goodbye 20's.

Today I turned 30. That's right...goodbye 20's, hello new decade. Overall it was a pretty good day. A and I spent a relaxing day at home while DH put in another 14 hour day at the office today. I think we will all be glad when this week is over for him. Since I knew that he would be tied up at the office all week, he and I decided we would celebrate my b-day next week, but A decided that she was going to make my day special anyway, and would make me a cake.

So that's exactly what this girl did. She even purchased all the cake stuff with her own money. She read the direction and added all the ingredients herself. She told me what to heat the oven to, and how long to bake it.

 She iced the cake herself too! Pink...with blue accents LOL. 
 I put the blue icing into a baggie and cut the corner so she could squeeze out designs. She added poke-a-dots and a heart in the center. Then she filled in the heart with more icing.
 And of course what birthday cake would be complete without SPRINKLES!
 The finished product.
 A late night birthday celebration with my great family.
 Blowing out the candles with my best girl was the perfect way to end the day.
Happy birthday to me!


Karin said…
Happy birthday!! Beautiful cake!! I bet it tasted terrific!!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, and that's an awesome girl you have.
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday. My hubby and daughter both have birthdays in August.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I really appreciate it.