A beautiful weekend

This weekend has been absolutely beautiful. The weather has been the best I have seen since we moved here 2 years ago. I have actually been hot this weekend. Sunny, no wind, and temps reaching almost 80....quite a change from our normal. Needless to say we have been outside constantly enjoying every moment...and good thing because our temps are supposed to return to normal tomorrow with rain, wind, and highs in the 50s.  BOO! But here are some picks of why I love this place so much. The peace, tranquility, and beauty of this island just envelops you at every turn.

 The salmonberries have been late this year. I think due to the excessive and long lasting snow this winter, but they are getting there and A and I have been picking as many as we can to put up. I think we have about 2 more weeks of them and then we can move on to blueberries, and looking at the bushes we are going to have a bumper harvest this year!

For now, I am off to bed. Its been a fun but exhausting weekend. Have a great Monday everyone!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures.