Small town 4th of July

Holidays are just one of those times that I realize how much I LOVE living in a small town. 
We may be out here in the Aleutians but we truly experience an all American 4th of July.
 We have an awesome parade every year and the weather while chilly, cooperated again this year.

 For the first time, Dh's work had a float, and to top it off, they won the best float prize!
 DH drove the truck. There he is, my love :)
 After having a lot of fun in the afternoon, we spent the evening hanging at the house and cooking out with friends. We had to wait till about midnight for it to get even close enough to being dark for the firework display to be seen. The sunset was amazing. To give you an idea, this photo was taken at midnight!
 And just a few minutes later the show started. We have an amazing view from the comfort of our home.

Happy late 4th of July everyone!