Salmon hearts

It's been a while since I posted, and boy do I have a lot of posts to share. We have been having so much fun here. My mom is in town and we are on the go! .... Squeezing out ever second of fun and daylight that we can. 

After 27 hours of straight traveling, my mom arrived last Friday around lunch time....exhausted of course. After recuperating a bit the next day, we took her out to the beach to net salmon on Sunday for a true Dutch Harbor experience.

Not only did she get the chance to see salmon, but there was also a whale that decided to grace us with his presence and frolicked in the bay for several hours blowing water and making himself seen :)
A also made a cool discovery....salmon hearts keep beating outside the salmon's body for quite a long least 15 mins in all 3 hearts she examined.
and yes....that is a salmon heart in my sweet child's hand. Got to love her. "Please Kyle, will you fillet another salmon and give me the heart?" was a phrase heard many times that afternoon.
Another salmon to fillet!
Look at Nana! That's going to make a tasty dinner.
We had the unique opportunity to meet some Italian tourists, who had come out to explore the island (Pretty rare, since we really don't have much of a tourism industry). They were really nice, and quite interested in everything we were doing. After they took lots of pics of us, and our friends son roasting some salmon he had just filleted over the fire, I got to snap a pic of them trying that very salmon. They loved it!

And in case you were wondering, here is how you net salmon. One end of the net is attached to the beach and the other end to the buoy. The fish swim into the net and get tangled.

And this is what they look like after...all ready to go into the freezer! LOL. YUM!
What a great day!