More fish....halibut time

It's summer, and that means fish here in Alaska. My mom enjoyed going out with us to net salmon, but she was hoping to get a chance to go out halibut and cod fishing as well. The day we planned to go, the weather looked really iffy. Actually it was gorgeous at the house, but a THICK layer of fog sat right over the sea all day. 

In the early evening it started to lift just a bit, maybe 100ft, and we made a run for it. We got in about 3 hours of fishing before the fog started to close back in around us and we needed to head back to shore.
 For the short time we were out, it was a pretty successful trip. I caught a 20lb halibut, and we ended up with 2 rockfish, and 4 cod. This should help round out the salmon in my freezer.

 Remember I said the fog closed back in? Well take a look at this shot of the sunset above the fog I snapped that night. Living high up a mountain does have it's advantages.
Amazing isn't it?

The weather has been pretty icky today. Just a wet, windy day, but DH is hoping the weather breaks and he and some of his buddies are planning to go out for the day. Between all the crab and the fish, I think we may need a bigger freezer!


Jennifer said…
That picture of the fog/sunset is absolutely breathtaking! I have always wanted to go to Alaska - I look forward to living vicariously thru your blog pics!
Amanda said…
Jennifer- Thanks! I love it here. It is so beautiful. You are more than welcome to live vicariously through my pics.