Pioneer A and her off the grid plans

My beautiful A is so happy. She is in love with this awesome pioneer outfit that her MeMom sewed for her. It is amazing and she never want's to take it out.

Now that she has her pioneer outfit she is ready....ready for what you might ask? Well, she wants to move to the "real Alaska" and live off the land. She has it all planned. Complete with what preperations we need to start making, skills we need to learn before we move, and how many dogs we need for her dog sled team. (13... "because we can't have 14 mom, if we have an odd number we won't have a lead dog. You have to have a lead dog, so we need an odd number. 13 would work") LOL

"I know it is a lot of work. You can't just sit around and relax and watch TV. You have to work hard. But that's okay because I'm not the type of kid that likes to just lay around. I like to be out and doing things. Not just hanging out outside, but I am a workin' outside type of kid. So I wouldn't mind one bit"

We have been enjoying her plans. She has really thought of everything LOL. I love this kiddo.


MommyWise said…
Wow! That is really cool. I LOVE it! Aidan would have a fit to have an outfit like that. Man, if I had sat down and wrote a list... just made up a kid that would get along with mine... Ansley would be it. She is sooo much like Aidan its insane. Of course, this is a blog and does not show everything, but still. Yay for your prairie girl!
Amanda said…
MommyWise- Oh Ansley and Aidan would have so much fun together. Ansley told me the other day how hard it is to find kids who like the things she does. Hope all is well with yall. Are you starting the new school year soon? We are on break but plan to start back next week.