The Tyler Zoo

Well I finally have had some luck with blogger uploading pictures. Took me long enough to get these uploaded, but it was worth it to share our trip to the zoo. Living on this island we really have to take advantage of opportunities when we get them, so when we headed to Nana's, A knew she wanted to go to a zoo. Luckily just a little over an hour from Nana's house is a fabulous zoo. We spent the whole day enjoying not just the animals, but the wonderful warm weather. Such a change from the cold, rain, snow, and wind that we experience everyday here. Here's a little snippet of our visit....enjoy!

Sleeping Cheetahs....a good deal of the animals were sleeping that day. :)

A and Nana. It's time like these that I really wish we didn't live so far away. Sigh.

This was really cool. A was fascinated by the size of an elephant foot after she read this sign and we all had to try out our foot inside it and see how many of our feet would fit both length and width wise.

This penguin was playing with A. He swam and she ran, back and forth back and forth for quite some time.

Can you see the sleeping lion? LOL
My beautiful girl.

Doin the Flamingo LOL!!
We were in Texas after all. Hook um horns! LOL

A's favorite part of the entire zoo was the birds. We could walk in a use bird seed sticks to feed them. We spent close to an hour in this part alone.

I just love this picture.

All she wanted to do was look at the "poisonous snakes"

A sleeping Leopard :)

It was just such a beautiful day that we had to stop and snap some pics of us together.

King Julian! (Madagasgar reference if you haven't seen it. A was thrilled to see a real live lemar. LOL
At the very end of our day, right as we were leaving the zoo, A lady bug flew in A's hair. Nana held it and let it crawl on both of them before it flew away.
We had a great time, and I am so glad we made the trip. Living here on this island we really have to take advantage of everything when we get off. A had such a good time and watching her explore and enjoy herself was the best treat ever.