A Beautiful Day Part 2

Alright, finally part 2 of pics from a beautiful Dutch Harbor day.

So, after a fall in the Bering Sea, we headed back home and changed...planted some more, and got dirty!
I needed some shelving in the front anti-room window to help our seeds start, so here is my impromptu take :) They are doing great by the way. We have all our radishes sprouted now, and as of today some spinach and beets are poking their little heads up. I have never done this before...grow anything from seed, but it is amazing to watch. And I got the most unexpected help the other day. A guy from the city, who plays hockey with Tom, stopped by to let us know they were going to be doing maintenance on the water tank and our water would be out. Well guess who is a gardener and does this every year. Yep, he walked me through what to do step by step. An amazing blessing. I know I will be picking his brain more. I am hoping to get these out and planted soon. Things grow so fast in our short summer here with our 20+ hours of daylight. I would love to actually have fresh vegetables.

After getting dirty, we headed back out to the beach, where we found.....yep look closely....that's a Bering Sea CRAWFISH! I did not know those things even existed up here. My Louisiana self was so excited. To bad he was already dead or her might have been coming home with me :)

Sea glass, also known in our house as Fairy Food! Beautiful isn't it. We have been back several more times to this beach in the last week and have amassed quite a collection.

Today turned out beautiful as well. The most amazing clouds and sun. A layer of low clouds snaked around the island leaving the ground and the tops of the mountains visible with the middle surrounded by a soft gray creeping mist. GORGEOUS. We spent the afternoon at the park, riding bikes, and collecting more fairy food, playing fox, and kicking the soccer ball. Just a glorious day.