Playing in our 'backyard'

I have seen a lot on blogs lately about getting kids outside and playing the month of April. I love that idea, but honestly if we could be out we would be out everyday. We love the outside. When we lived in PA we spent hours everyday outside. I love how beautiful it is here, but the weather makes being out at all many days impossible. Between rain, blowing winds of usually 30+, and cold well, inside is where we spend a lot of time. But the other day we had a break in the weather and we headed out. Here's a little glimpse into our "backyard". The tundra behind our house.

This is one of my favorite spots in our "backyard". It is just beautiful, and the sound of the waterfall is so soothing. I love this picture of A. The water was really flowing this day. The snow has been melting and it has been raining for several days. But we got out as soon the sun came out, and had the best day. This was not planned, but typically when we go for a walk, some toy animal or another get thrust into my pocket to go for a ride. This plastic blue duck was one of the lucky ones this day, and was perfect for the streams of flowing water that were so abundant in the tundra after the rain.

I had to catch this guy before he went around the curve as it was a drop off into the canyon running down into the waterfall.

You can see how wet it was....perfect for the x-tra tuff boots :) My little Alaskan girl.

In case your wondering what all the scraps of old wood and twisted metal and pipes are doing in the middle of the Tundra, that is all old WWII stuff. This hill is called Generals fact our house is built directly on top of the old Generals house. The hill is riddled with the remains of old buildings, bunkers, and trenches. It's pretty cool, even a few bomb scars.

Oh how I love the view behind her.

We found a root growing out of the gravel. Pretty sturdy creature. Wonder what it will become?

Leaving "our back yard" to head the few steps down the road back to the house. Thanks for joining us. Its been blowing again and is howling outside at the moment. I pray for a break tomorrow so we can get out again for a bit.