My spring bedroom!

Well spring is here, but not outside. It has been raining/snowing/sleeting for the last 3 days. The skys are gray and the clouds are low. It's down right dreary. But not inside. I know I told yall I have been spring cleaning/redecorating. Well I have pretty much finished the bedroom and I smile every time I see it, so I thought I share.

The bedding I had, the furniture was here, I added ribbon tie backs for the curtains, and did some paintings and rearranging, and hung some paper Flowers. The results make me smile. You can see my 2 groups of paintings I did.

I love these. I did them the other day and they just brighten up the whole room! The driftwood hides the cords from the phone and modem.

Dried grasses from the tundra in a popcorn tin that I painted orange, driftwood, shells, and a spring pic of my sweet pea taken while we were on vacation and actually saw flowers! LOL

The paper flowers, just a small touch.

Loving my room now. Feels like a sanctuary. Now just need to finish the rest of the house :)