Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! It has been a fun and super busy Easter weekend. I have so many blessings I am thankful for. And today laughing until my belly with my 2 favorite people just reminds me to smile everyday, no matter what is going on :)

This week A and I dyed eggs using all kinds of natural ingredients. The results are impressive don't you think? Spinach for green, blueberries for blue, cumin for yellow, and onion skins made the most gorgeous orange. So much fun that this will be a blog post in and of itself soon.

Saturday morning we started the Easter weekend off right by heading to the highschool for the Lions Club pancake breakfast. It was lots of fun! Food, games, face painting, and prizes, not to mention the chance to see the whole town. Yep living in a small town, it seemed like everyone knew I had been gone on vacation LOL.

Yep, that's a fox! LOL

Then we headed over to the PCR for some Easter fun.....crafts, games, and an Easter egg hunt in the gym.

We came home and made carrot cake cupcakes with orange cream cheese icing! YUM

After opening her Easter basket (which she knew was from mom and dad since she figured out the Easter bunny was not real a few months ago), we headed to Easter service and then another Easter egg hunt after in the sanctuary. When we got home we all played outside in the snow.

Happy Easter!